June 2, 2011

Splash Balls

With the summer heat sneaking up totally ambushing us this week, I thought we could use some new, fun ways to cool off.  Today I decided to whip up some splash balls to add some fun to our water table times.

I started with a pack of 8 sponges from Dollarama.

I cut each sponge into 4 pieces/strips.  You could measure, but I just eye-balled it.

{For extra fun, make sure to do this outside on a super windy day.}

Layer 6 pieces of sponge together.

Wrap a rubber band or string or yarn around the middle as tightly as possible.  I tried a rubber band for one, but I thought I could tie them tighter, so I used crochet cotton (I think) because I happened to have it.  I wrapped and tied about 3 times.

Now you're ready to soak the sponge balls and get your target wet!

All told, I spent $1 for 8 sponges.  Each sponge ball costs LESS THAN 40 cents!  That's a better deal than buying something similar at Dollarama!  And they come together so quick!
Note: I may try cutting into the ends so each sponge piece becomes two, but I don't think it will affect anything but the look.  It may make the ball look fuller.

These are even fun when they aren't wet!

I gotta get me some more sponges.  I think these are going to be a hit!


  1. My nieces and nephews would get such a kick out of throwing these at one another. Fabulous idea!

  2. I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.

    Come strut your stuff.