May 26, 2011

Springtime Freedom

*Warning: This post contains potty talk and random nakedness*

Summer is here, and that means my free wheeling daughter can be free in ways I've never expected.  She's been the one to take her clothes off and run around the house naked.  Older brother never really took to that.  Last summer she would escape to the back yard, and I would find her climbing the ladder to the slide. . .naked.  I've tried to get her to stay inside while partially or totally unclothed.  The call of the outdoors in the spring time is just too much for her apparently. 

Just yesterday, as I was at the computer, the little sweetheart asked if she could play outside.  "Of course," I replied.  When I went out just minutes later, I found her skirt lying on the grass.  This did not alarm me, but I did ask why it was there.  "I peed on the grass," she says.  "Pardon?!"  "I peed on the grass," she repeats in that sheepish way.  Obviously I had misheard her earlier.  *Sigh*  I tried to tell her that she's a big girl and she can go on the potty.  But all of this she already knows.

She did it again anyway that afternoon. 

And again today.

Where have I gone wrong between child #1 and child #2?  Nothing is different.  As far as I'm concerned, they've both had the same freedoms and limitations.  You'd think that the BOY would be the one all about peeing outside.  Nope.  Not here.  I can't convince him to pee at the side of the road on a long trip!

But not to be outdone by peeling her clothes off, she also likes to put them on.  Her winter boots and coat.  In summery weather. 

I love her free spiritedness.  I vow to continue to let her be her.  I will let her run around in her underpants and t-shirt in her own back yard.  I will let her wear that silver tutu and pink rainboots and brightly coloured tights.  I will let her strip down to nothing (when she is inside!).  I will put all of her clips in her hair and give her seven ponytails when she asks.  I will allow her to explore who she is, and revel in the wonder of being not quite 3.

Except for this peeing outside thing.  That I think we can do without.

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